Biotin For Hair Growth – Does It Really Work?

Great looking hair is something everyone wants – especially women. In fact all over the world people spends millions on haircare products and treatments trying to achieve the kind of results that they see on models and celebrities. Before hair can look its best and grow strong and long it needs to be healthy. Biotin for hair growth is something you may have heard about. But is it something worth trying or just more hype to sell hair care products?

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin that is found in a number of common foods. It is essential to human health in general for several reasons. It is a B complex vitamin and is also sometimes called Vitamin H. The right amount of this vitamin helps the body metabolize fatty and amino acids in the body so that they can efficiently be used for energy and there is also some research that suggests it can help stabilize blood sugars as well.

The idea that biotin can also help promote healthy hair is rooted in science. One of the early signs of a biotin deficiency in the body is otherwise unexplained hair loss and hair breakage, as well as dry skin and cracked, brittle nails. Therefore many people feel that if they get extra biotin logically the result will be healthier hair.

Where is Biotin Found?

Biotin occurs naturally in a number of different foods especially

  • liver and kidney
  • swiss chard
  • halibut
  • carrots
  • almost all nuts (almond, walnut)
  • egg and daity
  • and some soy
  • wheat products
  • vegetables (red beet, cabbage, spinach) and fruits
  • beans and the mushrooms.

Technically most people should get all the biotin they need from their daily diet but as is increasingly the case for most vitamins the poor diets many of us follow these days do not supply is with all the vitamins and minerals we need and taking a supplement is an idea worth considering.

In addition not everyone tolerates biotin found in food well. Research and scientific studies have found that those people who have an A blood type have difficulty absorbing biotin from food as do those who suffer from severe acid reflux or GERD. For these people obtaining biotin from a supplement instead may be a good idea.

Just how much biotin a person needs to gain the hair growth benefits they are hoping for from it on top of their regular diet is something of an unknown. In one recent scientific study researchers found that men who added 5mg of biotin a day to their diet using a supplement not only improved hair density but eventually, when taken over a period of several months many people experienced an unexpected but welcome “side effect” – the restoration of their natural hair color.

Biotin Supplements and Hair

Before going into the different kinds of products that are available it is important to remember that biotin is a vitamin, not some wonder substance that has been recently discovered and can miraculously produce healthy shiny hair that grows long and strong! Biotin might help hair growth but you also need to look after your hair , avoiding subjecting it to too many chemical processes or high heat treatments. Subjecting your hair to continual bleaching, blow drying and high heat treatments using a tool like a flat iron – all very popular trends – does more to damage and break hair – as well as limit its growth – than almost anything else.

With that in mind though if you are concerned about thinning hair, hair loss or just want to try to make your hair grow faster here is a little about some of the types of products that are available that contain biotin and are designed to do that:

Hair Vitamins» - These days a great many people take a vitamin supplement of some kind on a daily basis. Vitamin supplements that are marketed as hair vitamins are formulated with the recommended dosage of vitamins that are considered to be especially beneficial to healthy hair, including biotin. Usually these supplements are designed to be taken on a daily and consistent basis and in addition to being sold in health food stores hair vitamins are also popping up for sale in a number of hair salons and spas as well nowadays.

Andalou Naturals Full Volume Shampoo Lavender and BiotinThere are a large number of shampoos on the market at the moment that heavily feature biotin as an ingredient. As is always the case with any beauty product that becomes very popular, they are not all created equal… Read full article Biotin shampoo list

Biotin Enriched Shampoos and Conditioners – Walk into any store that sells hair care products and you will likely be faced with a huge selection of shampoos and conditioners to choose from, each of them claiming to offer all kinds of special benefits for your particular hair type. Many of them these days contain biotin for hair health – or at least that is what they say on the label. They range from the affordable to the rather expensive but the price difference does tend to be more about the brand than the actual ingredients which are fairly similar across the board.

There is ongoing conversation and controversy about whether or not these hair care products actually really work, at least in terms of getting biotin into your hair. Whether or not biotin enriched shampoos and conditioners actually help people with relatively “normal” hair is a matter of opinion in most cases – some say it has helped their hair others say they really did not help. Biotin enriched shampoos and conditioners have been demonstrated to help those with alopecia (severe hair loss) although taking a vitamin supplement, delivering the biotin internally rather than externally, does seem to be more effective.

Biotin and Old Wives Tales

Did you ever hear the old wives tale that using a glass of beer to wash your hair can make it stronger and longer? There is actually perhaps something to that particular tale as brewers yeast is an excellent source of biotin and beer, of course, contains brewers yeast. Rather than actually smother their hair in beer though some people create a hair mask that uses brewers yeast instead and many people report that in terms of hair health they are happy with the results.


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  • Nicole

    does washing your hair in warm ti hot hair stimulate hair growth?

    • Tammy

      No but massaging your scalp does stimulate hair growth.

  • Debra

    I am on medication for Hep-C that is causing my hair to break. Will biotin help strengthen my hair to help fight this?

    • Marian

      Ask your physician first because biotin breaks the body fats and release all the stored toxins, which will be a hard work on ur liver to detoxify while having the virus.

  • kayirah

    dose it really grow

  • Fatana

    I have been taking biotin for over three months now, I do not see any differint with my hair at all but it’s doing good to my nails. My nails are harder and stronger than before. As far as hair, I have not notice anything yet as far as thickness and growing.. :(

    • april showers

      I took biotin also but for years, it takes a long time to even see a difference. However my nails seemed to grow faster quicker.

      I picked up some more but this one is 1000 mg and the guy says 4-5 a day, the other one I was only taking one a day, But I will not take that many, never listen to these people go by what your body tells ya and one a day is good for me. however I bought these no name one a day vitamins and my sister noticed my hair growing faster, the store where I did buy them is gone now.

      I think these certain vitamins had something in them, I will have to look for them again. So what works for you stick to it.

      Thank you

      Biotin will not recover loss of hair, it may be a medical problem but it does work slowly and I mean slow. It took about a year to see results.

  • Lois

    As a breast cancer patient on chemotherapy, I’ve been bothered by thinning hair. (My particular chemo, Xeloda, doesn’t cause total hair loss.) Until I started taking Biotin supplements, my hair thinned and seemed to stop growing; I could go several months without so much as a trim. I began taking Biotin about five months ago, taking two tablets a day, with only slight improvement. Six weeks ago I upped the dosage to five pills a day with amazing results. My hair is growing as fast as it ever did and is becoming fuller. My nails are stronger also and growing very fast. I think you need to take the
    optiman dose and give it several weeks before you notice improvement, but eventually it does work. At least it has worked for me.

    • admin

      Thank you for your inspiring story :)

  • josh1010

    @lois wat brand of biotin do you use ? And what dosage are the pills?

  • thx783

    Most beer readily available for purchase is filtered and doesn’t contain “brewers yeast”.

  • Sharu

    Hi…. I m a 4th month pregnant… Having hair loss from last 4 months…can any one tell me
    The biotin and silicon enriched shampoo brand name…requesting you for the better reply

  • Itendsinaplace

    Heya, I’m a 16 year old girl and I have an eating disorder, in the last few months I have had dramatic hairloss and this has really bothered me. Although I am working on getting better, it’s easier said than done, so basically I was wondering if biotin would help with the hairloss or not?

    • Melinda

      Well I guess shows you what can happen when you starve yourself. Persoally id rather have meat on my bones and have hair than be skinny and bald.Eat
      Lots of tuna its low cal and lots of protein

      • Kristine

        @Melinda Dont tell somebody with an eating disorder to just eat until you have suffered from one yourself. You have no idea what its like, and how long it takes to recover, even if you are 100% recovery focused. I’m also curious if biotin will help with hair growth, and nail strengthening, as I have been struggling with an eating disorder for 7 years and it has taken its toll on both. Im currently in treatment, and am looking for something to help speed up the proccess rather than just in food, which yes, I eat.

        • LAYTOYA


      • Lesley

        Melinda, as Kristine has said, you cant just say to someone with an eating disorder that youd rather have meat on your bones and more or less blame them. Its very complex and its like telling someone who is depressed to pull themselves together. If you could just do this, no one would have any issues. I dont have an eating disorder, but you surely must realise its not just a case of saying eat something

    • Anon

      Biotin might help while your working on getting better, but taking a supplement isn’t really a good substitute for getting it from food. It’s worth a try, but think of it as just being temporary until you’re better and not as a way of sustaining your illness.

      I also used to suffer from an eating disorder and subsequently, handfuls of my hair would come out in the shower. I know exactly how hard it is and I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

    • Annie Frewin

      The reason you have hair-loss is because of your disorder. You aren’t getting enough protein to sustain a healthy lifestyle and protein is what makes your hair strong and full. Also Biotin isn’t going to make a difference if you end up throwing it up after taking it.

    • lee

      No biotin wont help unless you also eat regular or high protien diet. Plus it can cause toxins to be released. Talk to your doctor before taking biotin or stick to topical sources.

  • Harry

    Im a 27year facial hair iz growing way to slow is biotin an option?and where can i find it in south africa cause pharmacy dont have it

  • Frank

    My wife just now returned from the hairdresser having her hair cut and colored. The hairdresser told her she has new fuzzy hair growth, about an inch. She has been taking Biotin from Trader Joes for about 6 months. 5000 MCG twice a day. Go figure. She was advised to do so from a female patient when she was working at a doctors office.

    Starting with dinner tonight, I will begin to take it, wjho knows.

  • Ghassan yousef

    I am a chemist preduced difrent kind shampoo ,please i need ratio of VB mix ( biotin) to shampoo structures . thank you

  • Tia

    Thanks for the tips! Am using hair formula 37, it has lots of biotin in it.

  • Skittlepie

    My nails never grow I mean never.. I started taking Biotin 10,000 mcg
    super high potency I got from the health food store. Within a couple of
    months I had nails!! So naturally I quit taking the pills thinking the
    problem was resolved.. nope.. within another few weeks I am back to no
    nails again. I have started back a few days ago and am seeing a bit of
    growth.. so we will see. I do think it works with nails not sure about hair due to having thick hair anyway.

  • lee

    I have mma and its treated with low protien diet b vitamins eating special mma free food aka baby formula. During a bad month I lost thirty lbs my hair fell out doctored suggested biotin and grapeseed oil.oil in the shampoo and conditioner, biotin supplements By the end of year (four months later) six inches of new hair. biotin wont help if you dont give your body protien to begin with. My hair didnt grow till my wieght stabilized. Biotin releases fat and toxins not for people still underwieght recover your weight or health the hair will grow back.

  • Jordan

    You absolutely should not take biotin on a daily basis I am a nutritionist and too many vitamins can be damaging to your body..your body needs a healthy balance.Too much biotin can also cause yeast infections and you WILL not see results unless you give your body a few days if not a week or so to absorb these nutrients when first taking them or if malnutritioned.

    • AvidReseacher

      It is my understanding that Biotin is water soluable meaning that what your body doesn’t use exists through your urine.