Can a Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Really Help Your Hair Grow Faster?

You have probably heard that certain vitamin supplements seem to be rather beneficial when it comes to keeping hair soft, strong and shiny and growing faster than it maybe used to. The one vitamin supplement you may have never considered taking to help your hair grow faster is the kind taken by ladies who are expecting – a prenatal vitamin supplement.

Can a Prenatal Supplement Really Help Your Hair Grow Faster?

There is a bit of a divided school of thought on whether or not a prenatal vitamin supplement can really make your hair grow faster. There are a number of celebrities who think they do. Gwyneth Paltrow for example has been raving about what prenatal vitamins do for her hair for several years. She credits them with the fact she continues to double process bleach her long locks and it still remains

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healthy, strong and grows well. TV actress Mindy Kaling (of The Office) feels the same way too.

What Ingredients in a Prenatal Vitamin Supplement are Good for Your Hair?
Skeptics say that they do not think that prenatal vitamins can really make too much difference in the rate that the average head of hair renews itself, that is how fast it grows. But if you examine the ingredients in the average prenatal vitamin supplement carefully you will indeed find a number of things that are already known to be beneficial to those who want to speed up the rate of growth and get longer, stronger hair.

The reason that a prenatal vitamin supplement may very well be more beneficial for your hair in general is that they contain higher levels of iron, folic acid, calcium and biotin than most supplement, vitamins known to be beneficial for hair health already.

For example folic acid is a water soluble B vitamin that is essential for general health anyway. It alone does not promote hair growth but it helps stimulate the natural processes and vitamins that do play a larger part. In addition, a lack of folic acid contributes to natural color loss, leading to those pesky premature grays that so many people dread!

Biotin for healthy hair is just as important. It is another B vitamin and it has a reputation for being THE  vitamin for healthier hair

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growth and for increasing strength and elasticity. And iron can be beneficial for people who are slightly anemic, not only in terms of their health but their hair as well since anemia is known to cause hair loss in many people.

The big advantage of choosing a prenatal supplement rather than buying all of these ingredients separately is of course convenience. Instead of having to choke down  a huge handful of vitamin supplements with your morning coffee all you need to take is two pills and since prenatal vitamins are available at any drug store they are easy to buy too and are fairly inexpensive.

Can Prenatal Vitamins be Dangerous if You Are Not Pregnant?

There is nothing in the average prenatal vitamin supplement that can be dangerous to a woman who is not pregnant, they are only vitamins, not hormones! One concern is that later in life too much iron in the body can damage the liver but most people fail to get enough iron in their diets anyway so that is a minimal risk. If you are concerned about it though you can find prenatal vitamin supplements that are formulated with less iron than others.

Prenatal vitamin supplements are not a miracle, they won’t promote Rapunzel like hair growth but they will help it stay stronger and healthier and then by default, because it is healthier it should begin growing faster.

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