The Best Sulphate Free Shampoo List (with pictures)

Concerned about the effects shampoos full of sulphates might be having on the health of their hair more and more people are trying out sulphate free products in the hope of gaining the healthier, shinier hair they long for. There are an increasing number of these products on the market, here’s a look at just a few of the most popular:

Naturoli Soap Nuts Sulfate Free Shampoo

The marketing materials for this product claim that it acts as both shampoo and light conditioner. Made from all natural “soap nuts” and “soap berries” and enhanced with olive oil for extra shine dry haired users says it does wonders for the condition of their hair, restoring moisture without making it too oily and most found that they indeed did not need an extra conditioner.

For those who do have oily hair there is a special version of the shampoo that contains no olive oil that many users say works well – but it does take at least a week or so of regular use before the difference is really noticeable.

Beecology Honey and Botanicals SLS Free Shampoo

This all natural shampoo does not just contain honey but also wheat protein, chamomile and nettle extract and it must be a combination that works well as it has a lot of loyal fans. Most of them rave about how shiny it leaves their hair as well as how nice it smells!

Bert’s Bees Raspberry and Brazil Nut

Many people may be familiar with the Bert’s Bees name having tried their excellent cosmetic products, especially their super rich lip  balms. This is a moisturizing shampoo that is especially designed for those with dry, damaged or colored hair. The raspberry oil has great antioxidant properties and the Brazil nut oil is there to add body and shine. It does seem to work best for those with fine hair, many such people say it leaves their hair soft and shiny but some coarse haired users felt it was not moisturizing enough.

DermOrganic Sulfate Free Conditioning Shampoo

This is another product designed to help those with dry or damaged hair put some life back into it. It contains Moroccan Argan oil – a substance known as “green gold” in its native country because of its many therapeutic properties, especially the amount of omega 3 fatty acids it contains, something that is great for hair health.

The biggest fans of this product are those with bleached – and even double processed hair – who say that it restores their hair’s moisture without stripping or fading their color.

Duffy’s Brew Original Sulphate Free Beer Shampoo

Savvy women have known for centuries that beer is great for the look of your hair. This shampoo actually contains real stout – a dark beer that has more of the Vitamin B rich hops that are believed to enhance and strengthen hair. Although users say the shampoo smells more like sweet caramel than it does beer it is a popular choice with men many of whom are surprised by the difference in the condition of their hair after they use. A number of male users found that it helped get rid of dandruff, the one hair problem that many guys do worry about. Vegan shampoo.

Jason Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo

Dandruff is an embarrassing problem that can be hard to control. It has been known for a long time that tea tree oil can help combat dandruff and many users with severe dandruff problems find this specially formulated shampoo to be far more effective than the bigger name dandruff shampoos they had used before were. The fact that it is a little more affordable than many other sulfate free shampoos makes it popular as well.

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Herbal Sulphate Free Shampoo

It is this shampoo’s enticing aroma that most people notice first – it contains vanilla, lavender and red clover – but may who tried it also felt it left their hair so soft that they did not need to use an extra conditioner. Many who have used it were also surprised by the amount of lather it produced compared to some other sulphate free shampoos they had tried.

Enjoy Sulphate Free Hydrating Shampoo

This is a sulphate free shampoo that is carried in a growing number of professional hair salons as many stylists have grown to love it. It is, fans say, especially good for colored or bleached hair as it adds volume and shine without taking any of the vibrancy from the color.

Back to Basics Blue Lavender Color Protect Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

Sulphates can be particularly damaging to color treated hair which already has a tendency to be dry and brittle. This shampoo is designed to help protect and maintain hair color while restoring some of the moisture that dyes and bleaches take away. Those who like it find it helps their hair hold truer color longer.

Malibu Haircare Well Water Action Sulphate Free Shampoo

This product is designed for use by those whose homes have well or hard water which does tend to contain extra minerals that can dull and dry hair. It is very affordable compared to some offerings. Some of the best reviews of this shampoo come from those with dyed or bleached blonde hair who said that it helped keep their color from turning as brassy as it usually did.

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  • libertstar

    Thanks for contributing on the Creme of Nature, it is always good to see a real review. I do not recommend scrubbing the hair or scalp. The more delicate you are, the more you preserve it. If you find that the gentler shampoos do not clean your hair as well then my recommendation is to switch to something in the medium category.

  • Livvy

    Excellent post with lots of info! Thanks, this is really helpful.

  • jen

    Wow this helps a ton! Thanks so much, I love reading reviews on sulphate free shampoos, I changed over to them like a month ago but I’ve been using one called Pro Naturals shampoo because it uses argan oil. My stylist is nuts over that, lol. I personally get great results from it, really good shampoo.

    • mary

      Is that shampoo only available online? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!!! Everyone’s raving on about it and I soooo want to try it out :(

  • ICC/Mel Rivera

    The beer shampoo sounds very interesting, I might try that one. Thanks for a great piece.